The biggest screens create the best experiences – and LONA’s record-breaking products make your campaigns even more prominent. The paragon of all of these sites is the iconic ONE iNFINITY – with its infinity frame shape, it’s the ultimate for all campaign experience. It first comes as a still front-light canvas but transforms into lighting LED and 3D screen experience center. As with all our products, the structural integrity of our boards is second to none with pristine quality

Our unique product designs

LONA OOH and D-OOH media is loaded with powerful features

that makes advertising fun!


A 360 view impression that keeps you in suspense

Mega Curve

With award winning attention to detail & impeccable impression

Mega Linear

You can’t miss the view. Straight hoarded view

Floated Digital

Set your brand even further apart from the crowd


With an adaptive image view as a single or split screen

Anchor Digital

Storytelling just got better with digital


Connectivity tailored for high flyers


The right visibility for the right audience

Interactive Screens

User friendly & loaded with so much fun

Linear Portrait

Easily show off your brand how you want to

Fence Linear Hoarding

Beautification beyond the wall with ever more extended reach

Bridge Panel

Never feel lost – time to fly again with the right focus


“ONE iNFINITY” – Breaking World Record

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Value investment that showcases your brand with midas touch.

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key metrics that matter to your business.

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Pre-defined image and bleed areas for optimal display

Multiple locations nationwide

As a premium brand in Out of Home Advertising and D-OOH media services, we pioneer State-of-art billboards in prime locations all over cities in the Nation.
  • Reservable on first-come, first-serve basic at every location
  • Flexible subscription offered for specific locations weekly/monthly/yearly
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Jeff Bezos

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

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LONA has exclusive long-term out-of-home ad contracts with the biggest brands in Nigeria. Our philosophy to Outdoor advertisement draws attention to the finer points of creating effective, memorable, and relevant campaigns

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